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Heady CBD Tinctures

Sleep Well – 500mgCBD 500mgTHC, Be Well – 250mgCBD 250mgTHC, Sleep Well – 250mgCBD 250mgTHC, CBD Oil – 500mg, Beard Oil – 300mg CBD, Hair Serum – 300mg CBD, Be Well – 500mgCBD 100mgTHC, 2 OZ. CBD 300mg Lotion, 2 OZ. THC/CBD 1:1 300mg Lotion, Relief Spray – 500mg CBD, 1 OZ. Massage Oil – 200mg CBD, 1 OZ. Hair Serum – 300MG CBD, CBD Roll-On 500MG CBD, 2 OZ. THC 300MG Lotion, Topical Relief Salve – 300mg 1:1

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  1. Joyce Ayres

    During trying times we can have excess amounts anxiety and/or depression, especially when you’ve suffered loss and/or trauma. A dropper of BE WELL twice a day is found to be more efficient at calming the anxieties than drugs prescribed by a doctor that causes other serious side effects, and doesn’t work. Especially over time. BE WELL Calms the nerves, and slows the stampede of elephants across your chest.

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