NUGZ Medicated Chocolates 450mg


450mg THC



6 Chocolate Pieces, Each 75mg THC


4 reviews for NUGZ Medicated Chocolates 450mg

  1. Ron H

    Accidentally ate 5 and went to Pluto. I will write another review after consuming a normal amount.

  2. Amylee

    Ate 3 and was ready to melt into my couch

  3. Bob Kemm

    I had obtained some of this for my mother which has stage 5 Parkinson’s and dementia. She has about 5 off days per week which are extremely bad. Watching your mother shake as if she is plugged into an electrical outlet all day is horrific. Yes she does take meds for this but they do not seem to help. I started her off on 1/3 of a piece and about a half hour later the shaking almost stopped and she was able to talk and of course laugh a lot. Sure she was buzzed but it was nice to see her smile again. She actually was functioning up to what I would guess at about 90% of normal. Watching her feed herself and get her own drink without spilling everything was amazing. I do not want her to start smoking weed as I am afraid it will have to much of a psychoactive effect on her. but if you know someone in similar condition, please try this. I am almost out and cannot get it legally in my state so I have some butter that we will be trying soon. I just don’t think I can get her to eat a whole brownie or cookie when she is in and off episode. For what this has done for my mother I am giving it 10 out of 5 stars lol.

  4. Alex

    I was expecting these to be more like 200mg but I was wrong. These are for sure 450mg. I took all 5 of them and these little fuckers took me for a trip to Neptune and back. It was overwhelming intense. I felt like I took a few grams of shrooms it was that intense. I was having closed eyed visuals and put into a waking dream state melting into my bed. I haven’t had an edible this good since I went to harborside 5 years ago. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. This was EXACTLY the experience I was looking for. Thank you localplug!

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